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Select from resources or upload your own

The ClassVR portal provides an easy way to find great, curriculum aligned educational VR resources. Search by subject, topic or even a keyword, and find ready made collections, or individual resources to build your own lesson. You can even upload and store your own VR content, such as 360 degree images and videos, with just a few clicks.

Find curriculum resources easily

With a simple search function and pre-made collections, it’s easy to find VR resources for your lessons. There are over 500 resources currently available on the Class VR portal, with more being added each week.

Build, save and share

Using the Class VRT intuitive drag and drop functionality, you can easily create custom resource ‘playlists’ within seconds, ready for you to deliver to your class at the click of a button.

Upload your own VR content

Whilst the Class VR Portal gives you access to hundreds of great curriculum resources, creating, uploading and using your own content like 360 degree photos and videos is easy. Build your own resources into your own custom ‘playlist’ lesson.

How to create and plan using the Class VR Portal

The following short video will give you an introduction to how the ClassVR Portal can be used in a typical classroom scenario, to quickly create and plan a virtual reality lesson.

Curriculum-aligned content & resources

ClassVR comes complete with a huge range of pedagogically sound, engaging content along with structured lesson plans to help spark the imagination of students, leaving them with memories and experiences that help visualise and understand even the most complex of educational subjects.

There are currently over 500 pre-made activities, instantly accessible and covering a huge range of topics and curriculum subject areas, with teachers able to add their own resources, such as 360 degree photos and videos, and build their own engaging lesson plans.

Over 500 Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality resources available

Historical Times

Collections Including: Ancient Societies, Ancient Britain, Ancient Rome, Ancient China, Ancient Egypt etc…

Habitats and nature

Including: Natural Environments, Coasts and Islands, Deserts, Forests, Rainforest, Seasonal Changes etc…

Geography and buildings

Including: Physical Geography, Mountains, Human Environments, Modern Buildings, Government buildings, Rivers, Volcanoes etc…

Conflicts and disasters

Including: Conflicts, The Holocaust, Nuclear Disasters, Natural Disasters, World War I and II etc…

Science and Technology

Including: The Sky at Night, Space, Air Transport, Land Transport, Water Transport, Bridges etc…

Art, culture and everyday life

Including: Digital Art, Cultural Festivals, School Around the World, Religious Festivals etc…

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