Let them go everywhere and explore everything

Self led learning allows students to explore at their own pace.

Whole class learning provides a great foundation for introductions to subjects and topics. However, self led learning allows students to explore at their own pace, making their own decisions and learning in their own way. ClassVR's pre-printed worksheets and VR/AR experiences allow students to continue their learning independently, with the knowledge that they are focused on resources you have defined.

Deliver custom resources to headsets

Customise the resources available to students in their headset's 'holodeck'. Deliver a custom lesson playlistor select and deliver curriculum aligned themes and topics and allow students to explore a range of resources at their own pace.

VR and AR worksheets

ClassVR’s pre-printed lesson plans and worksheets can be used independently by students, or in peer groups, aiding self led learning and peer collaboration. Students can review worksheets, discuss topics, then interact with virtual and augmented reality

Simple to use gestures

ClassVR uses innovative hand and head based gestures to help students navigate and select activities in a more intuitive way. The front facing camera can capture specific hand gestures and head movements also control the device.

Navigate the world of VR Content using Gestures

The ClassVR headset comes preinstalled with a simple and intuitive interface that can be controlled by unique gestures, allowing students to experience VR, straight out of the box. We’ve created a great cross curricular collection of VR activities for students to explore at their own pace. This collection is only a starting point and can be modified or completely recreated through the ClassVR portal.

Watch the short video below to see how easily the headsets can be controlled by our unique gestures: