About ClassVR

Do you need to use a mobile phone with ClassVR?

ClassVR’s headset is a standalone, classroom-ready device. It does not require any additional devices, such as phones. Everything is fully integrated into the device, making it easy to use and super reliable.

How do you access the ClassVR Portal?

The ClassVR portal is a web based app that can be accessed via the web on any device or operating system. The portal communicates with headsets through the wireless internet. When you first start using ClassVR we can assist in

  • Configuring ClassVR portal for your school
  • Adding teachers as individual users
  • Setting up groups and classrooms
  • Providing important network, firewall and port configuration requirements

Can any computer use the ClassVR Portal?

The ClassVR portal is a web based application, meaning it can be accessed from any device, browser or computer with an internet connection. You do not need to install any programs or applications.

How long is the battery/charging life on a ClassVR headset?

ClassVR headsets have a 4000mAh battery to power the device for the entire school day. Charge the devices inside the ClassVR storage case which has an integrated USB charging hub, along with active cooling fans, makes sure that your headsets can be safely locked away and charged at the same time.

How many class lessons and resources come with ClassVR?

There are currently over 500 pre-made activities, instantly accessible and covering a huge range of topics and curriculum subject areas, with teachers able to add their own resources, such as 360 degree photos and videos, and build their own engaging lesson plans. Learn more about curriculum content here.

Can I create my own content?

Whilst the Class VR Portal gives you access to hundreds of great curriculum resources, creating, uploading and using your own content like 360 degree photos and videos is easy. Upload and build your own resources into your own custom ‘playlist’ lesson in the ClassVR portal.

Will someone help us set up ClassVR in our school?

Our local technicians will help you set up and configure everything for you meaning all you will need to do is open the box and turn the headsets on.

Configuring your school organisation

Our technicians can configure and setup the ClassVR portal for you and configure the system ready for you to use.

Configuring your devices

Setting up devices can be time consuming. Let our technicians get everything ready for you, so when you receive your headsets, just turn them on and you are ready to start teaching!

Virtual Reality Training

Before you begin your Class VR journey, a specialist in your area will provide you with training that gives you the tools you need to make the most of VR technology in your classroom.