New School Term Virtual Reality Teaching Ideas

No matter how many years you have been teaching, you may still be a bit nervous about the beginning of the new term, as though somehow you may have forgotten how to teach over the holidays!

Fear not. You know full well that after five minutes it will seem as though you never left but also you now have your class!

Here are some handy ice-breaker tips to start the term with a bang using ClassVR:

Hannah Davies - Educational Specialist

Hannah Davies
Avantis Head of Educational Services (UK)

classvr portal closeup playlist detail


Create a class playlist on the portal by searching for topics suggested by the students. You can preview them together. This will allow students the opportunity to talk to each other about their ideas and share ideas with you, giving you more of idea of their interests which could prove very useful during the year.


Look at the School Around the World collection and get them to create thought bubbles to show what these students might be thinking or feeling. These can then be discussed to help gain an understanding of what your class might be feeling but also allow you to communicate ways of dealing with those emotions without making anyone feel put on the spot.

schools around the world lesson plan
VR arctic activity


Play a 20 questions game whereby one student looks at a VR experience and the rest of the class have to ask questions to try and guess what it is. E.g. Is it inside? Is it hot? Are there any animals? The student wearing the headset can only answer yes or no.


Have students work in pairs or groups with one person wearing a headset per group. They must describe what they can see while the others in the group use paint, pastels or crayons or to recreate the experience. At the end, they can compare their pictures to the real experience. These pictures could even be added to a display about the importance of communication.

collaborative working in class with classVR

Want more inspiration? Click here to download our 30 Creative Ways brochure for examples of ClassVR best practice from across the globe!


No matter the class, age group or subject, ClassVR will help you achieve that buzz in the classroom that will leave students eager to come back the next day!

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