Deliver your lessons with a single click

Real time controls to help you deliver your lesson

Deliver your VR lesson to every student simultaneously, and guide them through the experience, highlighting points of interest and promoting collaboration and peer discussion along the way. ClassVR helps you monitor what they are seeing, helping keep everyone on track.

Delivering lessons using the Class VR Portal

The following short video will give you an introduction to how the ClassVR Portal can be used in a typical classroom scenario, to seamlessly deliver a virtual reality lesson.

Dynamic point of interest

With ClassVR’s dynamic ‘Point of Interest’ (POI), teachers can guide students to look at a specific part of a VR experience, by simply clicking. Students will see a ‘breadcrumb’ trail, leading them towards the POI, and when the reach it they will see an icon, pointing out the item the teacher has highlighted.

Headset view tracking

Small icons, depicting each child’s headset ‘point of view’ (POV), are displayed on the portal, allowing teachers an instant glance to see if they are all focused in the right place. These icons deliver real-time tracking of headset movement and orientation, providing valuable feedback to teachers.

Activity lock for focus

When delivering a lesson, the headsets automatically lock into the selected activity from the playlist. Button presses or gestures are disabled, ensuring the student remains in the current experience, under the teachers control.