Is ClassVR for Older Students?

By March 8, 2018Latest news

ClassVR lesson plans offer a range of ideas across all curriculum areas. However, sometimes teachers are put off using the resources for a different age group. One of the great things about ClassVR is the flexibility to use the experiences in different contexts (i.e. for different subjects and for different age groups).

The ClassVR lesson ideas related to the moon are often focused on younger age groups. So, how could these be adapted for older students?

Explore the Moon

The Moon

The VR experiences related to the moon lend themselves to a science subject-focus for older children. Being able to view what the Earth looks like from the moon could really help to improve students’ understanding of why we get different moon phases and reinforcing their understanding of the relationship between the Earth, moon and sun. This could also be recreated by using different sized balls and a torch to show how different parts of the Earth or moon can be illuminated depending on their position in relation to the sun.

They could also use this and other experiences to get a closer look at craters to theorise about how these were created. Their investigation could involve considering how craters on Earth have been created or a more hands-on approach could be to put a layer of flour and a layer of cocoa in a tray before dropping pebbles onto it to mimic objects in space.

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