Appreciating Art From All Angles

By April 23, 2018Uncategorized

When reviewing different artists’ works it can be difficult to get a sense of what the piece is really like. This becomes even more true when the artwork in question is three-dimensional. It is not all that often that students are able to visit the sculptures they are studying and although a photograph is certainly better than nothing, it only gives one perspective.


With sculpture, you really need to be able to see it from all angles, to get up close and pick out details, to notice shapes and textures you would never have seen if just given a two-dimensional picture.

Augmented Reality is now here to completely transform the way students can appreciate sculpture. Using the Augmented Reality Classroom app on our ClassVR headsets, a 3D model of a sculpture will pop up in front of them, appearing to hover in the air. They can view it from different angles and distances by either moving themselves or the trigger image in front of them.

No longer will they be limited to just the sculptures easily accessible from school, they can travel to the Rodin museum in Paris to closely observe his sculpture known as the Thinker. Perhaps they could take a trip to Easter Island to see for themselves what the monolithic Moai look like in all their three-dimensional glory. Allow them to discover that there is more to art than an image on a page.


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